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Cotton has been the fabric of our lives, from our go-to tee to a favourite

What is Geothermal?

Geothermal energy is most easily thought of as renewable heat harvested from the


Coming (Soon), Lost in Rendercyber-space. Click for Details.

BCAMA Vision 2015

Opener/Teaser Sequence for the BCAMA VISION 2015 Marketing Conference. The BC Chapter

Bevis Gear

THE TOP SHELF is the World’s Fastest Access-to-Gear Shoulder Case for

IceSkin Infomercial

The Revolutionary New Golf Shirt powered by Garmatex. IceSkin™ will change the way


IceSkin™ A moisture-activated cooling performance fabric that will change the way you

Reel . 2014

A collection of personal work completed over the last two years at VFS.

Phenomenon Title Sequence

In term 4, each student was tasked with creating a title sequence that explored the

Bounce – Mo Watts Music Video

Bounce is a music video for the talented and “hell of great guy” Stuart (Mo) Watts.

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Tapes is a collection of 3 weeks of footage captured in Whistler in the 2012