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3D Motion Designer / Director

Austin is a Freelance 3D Motion Designer based in Penticton, BC, Canada & working globally.

Utilizing software such as Houdini, Cinema 4D, & Redshift he specializes in product visualizations, simulations & technical problem solving.

With 7 years of experience working with brands, agencies & studios. He's worked as a cinematographer, motion designer, compositor & many roles in between. All of which inform his design process and experience in collaborative environments.

Austin believes in the "results matter" approach and is always looking for ways to improve the project in service of client goals.

He's able to direct projects from concept to completion and has a network of talent to collaborate with to bring the best out of each project.

He enjoys developing creative strategy into visual metaphors, showcasing products in impossible ways, or programming procedural workflows that allow projects to scale.

When not working you'll find him at the ski hill, wine tasting or exploring the outdoors.

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