Drive Smart Challenge


If you remember cruising to Bon Jovi with the wind in your mullet or hanging fluffy dice in your first ride with pride. It’s probably been a while since you tested your driving knowledge.

This campaign encouraged drivers to test their knowledge with an online driving quiz in one of three retro themes. Each theme targeted a different era from the 70s, 80s or 90s with a nostalgic portrayal of the era.

How did drivers fares? Not great. Only 60% of participants passed the quiz which is a wake up call that it’s a good idea to hit the books again every once in a while.

I was involved in compositing as well as the different logo animations, which was a fun trip into some of the more cheesy effects and techniques of the time period.

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Motion Design & Compositing


Agency: Wasserman
Post Production: PostPro Media
Art Direction: Terry Lin
UI / UX: Terry Lin
Editor: Jordan Taylor
Motion Design: Austin Wendenburg, Cory Clarkson
Compositing: Austin Wendenburg, Cory Clarkson
Colour: Randy Egan

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