Once Snow More


Was so incredibly stoked to collaborate with the talented folks at Linetest Collective on their latest holiday short! Such a rad group of people, learnt so many new tricks, and had some unforgettable adventures with new friends.

It was challenging but rewarding to translate painted 2D illustrations onto 3D geometry, I leared a lot about unwrapping UV’s in the process. Another memorable moment was matching pacing and movement of a rough linetest of the snowflake as he grabs at the tree branch.

I also enjoyed creating the snow swarms whizzing by, and making snow fall of twisting tree’s. Fitting first tasks for a skier such as myself.

Matching Noe’s amazing illustration style on elements such as the smoke involved some material creation outside of my normal routine as well. Collaboration leads to the most interesting discoveries, very grateful for chances such as these!

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3D Animation


Noe Giuliani
Ismael Cosio
Mark Gilligan
Eric Nakayama
Austin Wendenburg
Natalie Parolin
Hao Chen
Humberto Corte

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